Creche Facility
There is no greater consolation for parents, especially the mother than to know that her bundle of joy is in safe hands when she goes to work or goes about her daily chores. At Megapolis, this is precisely what the parents of all toddlers or young children can expect, thanks to Maple Leaf Pre School & Day Care. This activity based Day Care Centre provides enriching and secure environment for your kids at Megapolis. The Day Care Centre offers age appropriate friendly curriculum chalked out on the basis of structured learning.

At the same time children can learn a host of things which will have a deep seated and holistic impact on their future. A heady mix of education, recreation, nutrition and rest in the daily schedules of children involves the following well planned activities –
  • Language – Story time, Reading Time
  • Creative Centre – Art & Craft
  • Discovery Centre – Games & Learning, Puzzles, Dance & Music
  • Homework Café – Help and Guidance for their homework & handwriting practice

Maple Leaf is definitely the place for your child and 'Home Away from Home' for your child!

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